CBG Capsules 900mg


Simple Leaf Cannabigerol (CBG) Capsules are strong and effective! Each capsule offers 30mg pure isolated CBG derived from organic hemp grown in the USA. Lab-tested to ensure potency and purity standards.

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Premium Organic Hemp. No BS.

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31 reviews for CBG Capsules 900mg

  1. Avatar of Michael Geller

    Michael Geller

    My wife and I love simple CBD and CBG. Quality and effective products. Great blends for different moods and ailments. Excellent customer service from Brendan. Can’t wait for them to expand their product line!

  2. Avatar of Alex


    I used to buy a different brand of CBG that was double the price of your CBG. This is equally as good or better for half the price of what I was paying. Very good find and very good CBG. You guys are awesome!!

  3. Avatar of Mia Gabriel

    Mia Gabriel

    CBG! First time trying it and im very happy and impressed!!

  4. Avatar of Tony


    First time trying CBG. It gives me energy and makes me feel very clear in the head. My girlfriend says it chills her out and relaxes her. Pretty nice stuff.

  5. Avatar of Orlando


    I take these in the morning and afternoon. I can’t take them after 7pm or it keeps me awake.

  6. Avatar of Terrance


    1st time CBG user. I heard about this stuff from a friend, he raves about it so I wanted to try it. My experience so far is clearer cognitive thinking and clean energy. We’ll see if it keeps working for me. I like them.

  7. Avatar of Dave


    I’ve used CBD, but never CBG. It gives me energy and I feel happy. That’s the best way to describe it.

  8. Avatar of high quality cbg

    high quality cbg

    high quality cbg

  9. Avatar of Dan


    I used to think CBG oil was the best, I was wrong CBG capsules are the best

  10. Avatar of Jake


    I use this with my CBD for an incredible entourage effect.

  11. Avatar of Brady


    A must have. CBG is the new CBD.

  12. Avatar of Phillip


    I’ve wanted to try CBG for awhile, but it’s so damn expensive. Thank you for selling high quality organic cbg that’s affordable.

  13. Avatar of Jade


    Who knew CBG is better than CBD! Wow.

  14. Avatar of Bob B.

    Bob B.

    I like it. thank you

  15. Avatar of robert


    first time using CBG. I’ve used CBD. – My experience has been wonderful. Pure bliss. Thank you for an incredible organic product that I can trust. I will purchase agfain

  16. Avatar of ab


    Amazing! Decided to give it a try. It is amazing. this CBG helps me like nothing else.

  17. Avatar of Mike


    cbg quality ,effective

  18. Avatar of Steve


    great product and service

  19. Avatar of Kirk


    I like it better than 100% CBD

  20. Avatar of Robert


    Fast Shipping & a Top-Notch Product

  21. Avatar of I AM VERY HAPPY


    I am very happy with my order. 900mg CBG. Pure, organic, CBG in a veggie capsule.

  22. Avatar of best organic cbg quality

    best organic cbg quality

    Top Shelf! These products and these people, are top shelf! highly reccomend!

  23. Avatar of Joe


    Works great in relaxing my mind and muscles. Hard to say if it works better than CBD.

  24. Avatar of Chris


    This CBG capsules is a product i would order again. It is very easy to use and is now a part of my daily routine.

  25. Avatar of James


    Great quality product!

  26. Avatar of Best CBG Capsules

    Best CBG Capsules

    the quality of this product is amazing

  27. Avatar of Dave


    1st time customer. I bought CBG from a different company and it was more expensive and not as good as this CBG. I will purchase again.

  28. Avatar of Tony C

    Tony C

    I feel something. I feel better. I don’t feel high. But, I whatever this is…I like it. I will buy another bottle.

  29. Avatar of Eric Raymond

    Eric Raymond

    This was a unique experience for me. The level of energy and clarity I felt was definitely beyond what I had expected. I like this product very much.

  30. Avatar of Adam Stohl

    Adam Stohl

    Just as good or better than the CBG I was paying more than double for.

  31. Avatar of Mike Evans

    Mike Evans

    I don’t know what to expect, but I think I feel better. It could be placebo effect. But, I don’t think it is. I read about CBG and it’s potential health benefits and l looked online to buy CBG but it was so expensive everywhere. I came across this CBG and bought it. I’m going to buy it again.

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