CBD Capsule Sleep Support 600mg


Get better sleep with this powerful plant-based sleep supplement. Sleep Support blends premium organic CBD with soothing herbal extracts to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.

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Simple Leaf Is A Brand You Can Trust

Simple Leaf CBD

CBD-SimpleLeaf-150x150.png 1 CBD (Hemp Cannabidiol) CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that is associated with a wide range of health and wellness benefits. CBD interacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid System, which is responsible for regulating a variety of functions. Whatever your reason is behind buying hemp CBD capsules, know that with Simple Leaf you are getting one of the best CBD formulas on the market. We take pride in our work and are constantly improving our formula so that you will get a pure CBD product that is affordable and more importantly, works.*
Hemp-Extracts-SimpleLeaf-150x150.png 2 Hemp (aerial extracts) Hemp (aerial extracts) are the best! Harness our hemp extract into your sleep routine. Our Hemp Extract is derived from the aerial parts of the hemp plant, which has been used for millenia for various purposes; this hemp extract helps support your endocannabinoid system. It is believed to reduce inflammation and enhance mood.*
Melatonin-SimpleLeaf-150x150.png 3 Melatonin Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the brain with levels rising in the evening and falling in the morning. It is closely involved in the natural sleep cycle. Because inefficient sleep can affect your energy and your mood, melatonin is a terrific choice if you experience occasional sleeplessness or jet lag, or if you want to improve your quality of rest. Melatonin's main job in the body is to regulate night and day cycles or sleep-wake cycles.*
Ashwagandha-SimpleLeaf-cbd.jpg-150x150.png 4 Ashwagandha Ashwagandha is a plant whose roots and berries have been used for over 3,000 years in Ayurveda, a form of alternative medicine based on Indian principles of natural healing. Classified as an adaptogen; meaning it supports the ability of an organism, like the human body to cope with daily stress. Ashwagandha is a plant that has been used in medicinal purposes for at least three thousand years. It is an adaptogen herb known, in ancient chines literature, to calm the heart and quiet the spirit and mind. It operates as a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, meaning that it increases the availability of dopamine (a neurotransmitter) in the body. It can also embody the properties of the neurotransmitter gamma aminobutyric acid, “GABA”, by relaxing the body.*
Chamomile-SimpleLeaf-1-150x150.png 5 Chamomile Chamomile is a flower in the daisy family, is a dietary supplement popular for a variety of uses including sleep problems and anxiety. Chamomile is a flowering herb that looks similar to a tiny daisy. It has a gentle floral aroma that is very relaxing, which is why it's so popular in herbal teas and aromatherapy. It is well-known for its calming effects which makes it a great herb to use before bedtime. Chamomile is also a natural skin-soother when applied topically. Fun Fact: Chamomile is called “alles zutraut” in German, which means “capable of anything,” and has been used as an herbal remedy in Europe for thousands of years.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information on the website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.

96 reviews for CBD Capsule Sleep Support 600mg

  1. Maria

    I liked these, but i liek your CBN blue rasberry gummies better.

  2. Cody

    fantastic at getting me to fall asleep.

  3. Alex

    I recently tried the this and was thoroughly impressed. I sleep a little over 7 hours and feel great in the morning. I highly recommend this product. 5 stars!

  4. maryann


  5. Rosa

    Hі, this works so well. I am sleeping better than I can ever remember and I don’t wake up feeling like a zombie.

  6. Rod

    These work very well for me

  7. C…

    Works great! I fall asleep in a natural feeling, I wake up ready to go, not groggy like others can do.

  8. Rachel Brittany

    Absolutely love the products I was so shocked the results I got from them. I fell asleep faster, relaxed and my body actually felt good. Highly recommend

  9. Cameryn Chellew

    I was skeptical at first having tried many cbd products and being disappointed in many of them! Everything I’ve tried does exactly what they are supposed to in a timely manner! Thank you for saving me from non natural alternatives!

  10. Will

    If I sleep less than 6 hours (work the next morning and the alarm clock wakes me up) I feel groggy. When I wake up naturally (no alarm) I sleep incredible and feel incredible.

  11. Cindy Byers

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  12. Marita

    these worked well for me. I’ve used them a few times over the past few weeks and I like them. Thank you.

  13. M.D.

    My order CBD for Sleep was delivered fast. Ordered on Thursday evening and it was delivered on Saturday morning. I have never used CBD and was very skeptical but now I am a believer and will purchase again!

  14. Fiona

    Sleep and I have never had a good relationship. I have always had difficulty falling asleep so naturally, I’ve tried every sleep supplement possible – both prescription and over-the-counter sleep aid supplements…and with that, I consider myself to be very well-versed when it comes to sleep supplements. – I no longer want to take prescription medications unless they are necessary to keep me alive, so I’ve been trying different natural plant-based sleep aids and so far this one is my favorite. It’s not overly powerful, which is something that I really like about it. Approximately 30 minutes after taking a capsule I can feel my eyes beginning to get heavy and my mind starting to calm down. By that time I’ve already brushed my teeth and am in bed scrolling on my phone (blue light filter turned on)…and within 20 or 30 minutes, I’m sleeping. It’s great! Also, I haven’t woken up in the middle of the night, except to pee…and I don’t feel like hot garbage in the morning which is one of the side effects that I hate about so many other sleep supplements. Based on my experience with this CBD Sleep Aid, I would 100% recommend you you try it.

  15. Adam

    The sleep support really helps!

  16. Tony

    I don’t take vitamins, supplements, pills, or anything else. But, I started having problems sleeping in winter. I would wake up every two hours. I saw an ad for these CBD Sleep Pills and gave them a try. I’m 100% sold on them. They made such a difference!! Not right away but maybe after 3rd night. Thank you for this awesome product!!!

  17. Katie Duvall

    Much love for these products!

  18. Alexandra Austin

    I absolutely love Simple Leaf! With past CBD oil I have always forgotten to take it, but now this is in pill form it’s easy for me to remember.

  19. Tif

    I absolutely love the sleep product! I sleep sound through the night and wake up with no grogginess, no matter what time I take it. I have tried everything out there and this is by far the best product I have found for my sleeping issues.

  20. Carly Brennan

    Great products, excellent customer service and fast shipping!

  21. Lorena

    I love the effects of this – i highly recommend

  22. Mia Gabriel

    CBG! First time trying it and im very happy and impressed!!

  23. Priya

    I take these when I can’t sleep. They work for me and I don’t feel like crap the next day.

  24. Molly

    Good Morning everybody! I wanted to write this review after I took CBD Sleep Support. Last night I took 1 CBD pill around 8:30pm. By 9pm I was laying in bed and my eyes were heavy. I slept until 6am. That’s more than I ever sleep and I feel great! I remember 2 very vivid dreams. This is a nice sleep treat. I like it and will use it again.

  25. Nancy D. aka BohoGirl

    Love this new CBD product very much for sleep.

  26. Alicia

    One of the best sleep supplements I’ve ever taken. 30-45 minutes after taking I feel my eyes get heavy. I sleep all night (which I never do) and wake up feeling great. CBD sleep for the win.

  27. Tifany

    This company is amazing with quick delivery and follow ups. I swear by their products and will continue to recommend them.

  28. Leah

    this is a favorite in my household.

  29. Tanya

    I feel a very slight groggyness after taking these. But it isn’t bad. Caffeine makes it go away. Overall tho, after taking it I feel my body slowly start to get a slight tired feeling and I fall asleep about 40-60 minutes after taking it. I sleep the entire night and wake up about 6-7 hours later when my alarm goes off. The sleep is good sleep. Very restful and recharging. I’d buy these again for sure.

  30. DW

    It worked for me. CBD and sleep is awesome,.

  31. Mark

    30-45 minutes after taking one capsule I start to feel sleepy….my eyes, my brain, my body. It’s not overwhelming, but rather more of an natural feeling. I work until midnight every night and then usually am awake until 4am ish. But, I’ve been taking these to help me fall asleep earlier so I can wake up earlier and enjoy the afternoon before my shift. These have been working for me.

  32. Tony

    So, I’ve used these three times in the past week and a half. They do make me sleepy. I fall asleep. I stay asleep. I wake up feeling like I got a good night of rest. But, I will say that there was one night I only got 5 and 1/2 hours of sleep… and I felt like booty the next day. The other days I slept about 7 or 8 hours and felt incredible., so it must have been that I took the sleep pill really late and had to be up early. Overall it’s good and I would buy them again.

  33. Aimee

    I felt that I fell asleep faster and slept more deeply. I would definitely take this supplement on a regular basis.

  34. Rilyn

    Very helpful when I need my sleep to be sound. Very mild groggy feeling when I get less than 7 hours of sleep. But, after an energy drink I’m good to go.

  35. Jon A.

    The one thing that has actually helped me sleep!

  36. Susan

    Helps me to sleep better. All natural sleep pills with CBD are the best! Thank you!

  37. Roman

    Tired of staring up at the ceiling night after night? This natural sleep aid worked for me. 5 stars!

  38. Kim

    I love how the pressure to sleep builds without fatigue or sleepiness. Increased dreaming clarity and vividness are an added bonus!

  39. Natural Sleep Pill

    This works. I only take it when I have trouble sleeping

  40. Sophia Montgomery

    This Stuff Works! I am a crappy sleeper and was looking for something “natural” to help me sleep. Tried this and I definitely think it helps. I even recommended it to my sister and it is helping her too. Again, the natural ingredients were the key reason for me and my sister (and she’s a MD).

  41. Raji

    I highly recommend this product to anyone with trouble sleeping.

  42. Casey

    The best sleep ever!

  43. Erin

    I’ve always had issues staying asleep at night. It’s been a couple of months since taking Sleep supprot, I’ve been getting full nights sleep since day one. really happy with it.

  44. Jim A

    Bought it for my wife and she was able to sleep through the night without waking up every couple of hours which is something she’s struggled with for a few years. 🙂 She’s taken it several times over the 10 days and has been happy with it.

  45. Paula

    I sleep much better when I take this product. Sweet dreams. 🙂

  46. Troy

    I have been really happy with my other Simple Leaf supplements so decided to try these – they are insanely affordable.

  47. Brent

    The last three nights I did not wake up in the middle of the night and when I woke up in the morning, I felt more rested.

  48. JAMIE

    I like to take these if I’ve had a rough day at work or have something on my mind that will keep me up. I’ve been so impressed with these, they’ve really won me over!

  49. Krystal

    Wow. Okay, where do I even start with how much I am loving CBD Sleep Support? My fiance and I have been taking them every night for about two weeks now and we are falling asleep quickly, staying asleep all night and waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and rested! This product does not leave you feeling groggy and gross the next morning either! Whether you struggle sleeping every night or just need some occasional snoozing support, buy this product! You will not be disappointed.

    The purple bottle looks adorable on your nightstand as well 🙂

  50. best sleep aid I’ve ever tried

    This stuff is amazing…and its all natural. WTF

  51. Mari

    I can’t say enough about this product. I take these every single night before bed! If you have sleep issues do not pass these up!!

  52. Tammy

    4 weeks ago I was a hot mess in bed throughout the night. Twisting, turning, and constantly waking up to any little sound (airplanes passing through, neighbors, etc) It was pretty tough, especially working in the hospital and coming from a long shift. I started the pill as soon as I got it, and I didn’t just knock out. I gradually fell into sleep, and when I wake up I feel refreshed. I don’t take the pills everyday, because surprisingly I’ll take one pill on like a Monday and I’ll sleep without many interruptions for like 3 days. All in all I definitely would recommend these pills to a friend. The pill comes as a powder like form inside a clear capsule. It’s a pretty good pill, it works how I really wanted it to and I hope this review helped

  53. CBD

    This natural sleep supplement has changed the way and the amount of sleep is get every night! The next morning my body feels well rested and rejuvenated! I love this product.

  54. Amber D

    It definitely helps me to get a good sound sleep!

  55. Justyne

    I feel more refreshed in the morning, ready to get up and greet the day! And the fact that all of the ingredients are natural gives me such peace of mind.

  56. SARAH

    LOVE IT!! It’s become my go-to when I need a good nights sleep. I like that the ingredients are all natural

  57. Carmen P.

    After taking this supplement for over three weeks I am definitely sleeping better. I notice if I do wake in the night I am able to go right back to sleep. Also, I do feel slightly groggy in the morning, but after a cup of coffee I feel like a million bucks. I am grateful that I found this natural sleep aid

  58. Debra M

    Don’t Sleep On It 😉 This natural sleep aid supplement is everything to me. I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep but this has changed my sleep dramatically. I love the all natural ingredients because I know what I am putting in my body. If you are thinking about purchasing this don’t sleep on it haha pun intended. I will continue to purchase this time and time again. Thank you simple leeaf cbd !

  59. Nicole G.

    Really like this product. I believe it has been working. I wake up feeling more refreshed than before. It doesn’t give me crazy dreams

  60. Jessica C

    I am a busy mom of 3 kids and a part time job, I’ve been struggling to get a deep good sleep. I’ve been on this product for 2 weeks and I’m obsessed. I feel rested, no groggy mornings. I’ve been able to keep up with my work outs which I usually am too tired for! So far I’d recommend this to anyone!

  61. CBD Sleep!!!

    I have been sleeping better, feeling better. love it

  62. Nancy

    I will be getting this again. Helps me rest well. Thank you

  63. John

    This works great, some products I wake up within two hours, this product I stay asleep much longer

    Stay asleep longer then two hours.

  64. Natural Sleep Enhancer

    A great natural way to enhance your sleep. Natural Sleep Support with CBD is prob the best sleep formula that have tried.

  65. Victoria

    works great for sleep

  66. Rob

    This product helped me fall asleep faster, and it helped me stay asleep better once I fell asleep and I woke up feeling refreshed.

  67. Sylvia

    I sleep much better when I take this product. Sweet Dreams! 🙂

  68. Cindy

    Very helpful when I need my sleep to be sound. No groggy feeling.

  69. Susan

    Helps me to sleep better

  70. Lisa

    I’m a Nightshift Rn. Sleep is extremely important!!! Have tried melatonin but always woke up frequently and too early. Took this last night to sleep before my next shift. Slept all night. Woke up at 11:30. Some grogginess but coffee took care of that. Will def try again.

  71. Vicki

    Like most people I have those occasional sleepless nights and have tried natural remedies to induce sleep like teas, warm milk, melatonin and white noise. None of these things worked well if at all so when I saw this product I thought why not?! Much to my surprise Sleep Support from Simple Leaf CBD helped me fall asleep within 40 minutes and I was able to sleep through the night. It did not make me feel groggy or listless the following morning and I will happily use this product whenever sleep proves evasive.

  72. Miss Jackson

    Overall i am impressed with how it works. The packaging is appealing making it look like it is worth the money spent on it. I have never found a sleep aid that has worked for me. I thought this was just going to be another product that does not work. Just with the first dose it works wonderful. The package says it helps relax you, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep. It does everything it says it does. I am very satisfied with this products. I will be buying this from now on. I recommend this to anyone that has had trouble with other products in the past. It lives up to the description on the pack. This is the best all Natural Sleep Supplement I’ve ever tried.

  73. Best CBD Sleep Ever!

    it has been a week, I feel like this is it. I ave been sleeping better, feeling better. love it

  74. Elizabeth

    We love all our Simple Leaf products. Why? We know that they are made with top-notch ingredients. Customer service is so fabulous!

  75. Out like a light!

    Knocked me out. Out like a light. 🙂 I am a bit of a night owl and have trouble relaxing at night time and it takes me ages to get to sleep. I’ve been taking this for a couple of weeks – 1 capsule with water half an hour before I go to bed and WOW this has worked insanely well for me. I don’t feel groggy in the morning but I sleep through the night and I fall asleep faster. So glad I found this product and will try out some of their other stuff!

  76. Jamie

    I have been taking one capsule before bed for about two weeks now. I was skeptical it would work. However, unsolicited my husband commented the first week after I started that he thought I was falling asleep faster and was not as restless as usual. I’m waking most days with more energy. I think it’s helping and will continue.

  77. Megan

    Works like a charm. For someone who is really restless when trying to fall a sleep this product is a miracle. It takes about an hour before it fully kicks in so I take it at 9 if I wanted to fall asleep by 10:15 or so.

  78. KH

    I have a very hard time getting to and staying asleep. I started taking “CBD Sleep Support” 2 weeks ago. It started working the first night. I take it 45 minutes before bedtime. After I am in bed, it only take me about another 30 minutes before I fall asleep. It’s the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.

  79. George S.

    I have used every sleeping aid but this one is just so great! I am SO happy I found them. I take 1 about an hour before I want to go to sleep and they work every time! They dont have any negative side affects; in fact, I can tell (and feel) how much better I feel each day just getting sleep. I still get up to pee about 1x every night but I still feel so rested. I hope they never quit making them. NO down sides at all.

  80. Momma G

    I found the product to be effective upon first use. I used the product as directed and felt ready to sleep within 30-45 minutes. I also found that it helped me to sleep for longer periods of time throughout the night with less disruptions. I did not experience any side effects from using this product including any grogginess the next day. The capsules are easy to swallow. I would recommend anyone in need of a better quality of sleep to give this product a try.

  81. Melissa

    I love this product works. I was having trouble sleeping through the night, always waking up every two hours. Finally I was tired of waking up like this. Ever since I started taking this cbd sleep formula, every night has been a restful sleep. Needless to say I now take each night. It really works.

  82. Nicole R.

    I have struggled with sleeping for a really long time. The last two nights I have taken these I’ve been sound asleep and not sure I even moved. Makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. I wake up just fine too. No groggy side effects. Finally feel like it is possible to get a full night’s rest!!

  83. Katrina Rowe

    It works! In half in hour I’m ready to go sleep!

  84. Karl Roche

    I go to sleep and I stay asleep for the most part; waking up feeling pretty good.

  85. Greg Malek

    I really love this product and will continue ordering it In the future!

  86. Rachel Holz

    I have tried a lot of products just like this. This really works better than anything else I have tried.

  87. Tim Halverson

    I work night shift and used to have trouble sleeping in the day time but this has really helped. Im quickly falling and staying asleep.

  88. Alex Meyer

    best natural sleep aid ive tried.

  89. Erica Gimmord

    I definitely fell asleep quickly, but most importantly stayed asleep which is hard for me to do.

  90. Caley Sinani

    I fell asleep quickly and I had a crazy vivid dream. Not a nightmare, it was actually nice.

  91. Tom Madden

    Here’s my experience with these… I’ve only used them 3 times. Each night I took one capsule around 830pm and was sleeping no later than 915pm. I slept all night and woke up between 530am and 6am the next day feeling a little sleepy at first, but that quickly wore off and overall felt well rested and clear headed. Nice sleep supplement that I recommend


    💤 for real…I slept 8 hours lastnight and I feel pretty awesome today. Good stuff.

  93. Emma Jorgenson

    It works. I will buy it again.

  94. Sophia Montgomery

    This Stuff Works! I am a crappy sleeper and was looking for something “natural” to help me sleep. Tried this and I definitely think it helps. I even recommended it to my sister and it is helping her too.

  95. Jason Domorro

    Best natural sleep aid I’ve ever tried

  96. Mikey Harris

    Sleep is so much easier now! I’ve always had a tough time falling asleep and needed to take something every single night. I was worried about using the “PM” products on a long term basis and wanted to give this a try. No more tossing and turning! I feel so relaxed about 30 mins after taking one sleep capsule and fall asleep easily. I really like this product!

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